Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sticking With It

Most people read a mystery for the intrigue, to find out who did it and to figure things out as they go. It certainly doesn’t hurt if the mystery is masterfully written, with an elegance of expression, and is entertaining. In any case, readers don’t want the answers to a mystery all up front or there’s little reason to keep reading.

People enjoy art for similar reasons. The art they afford for themselves is acquired to enjoy its subtleties over the long haul. If finding out whether your expression activity can be less taxing isn’t mystery enough for you, doesn’t have adequate subtlety, and the knack of the telling isn’t captivating enough for you, please don’t stick with me. You’ll possibly be disappointed if you read on under those circumstances. Also, if you’re experienced in the business of expression, already making scads of money and are well established and skilled, maybe this advice isn’t for you either. (However, maybe you’ll enjoy comparing what you’ve done with what I suggest and pick up some pointers, too.) In any event, if you decide not to read it, maybe you know somebody on the cusp of great things that could benefit from it. Please pass it along.

On the other hand, after you’ve read all the postings, considered all the facts and circumstances and the applicable law in your situation, you’ll be able to figure things out. You’ll know that a lot of hard work is involved in any business of expression and it’ll make you a better manager and, perhaps, a better artisan. I’m telling you honestly, it’ll require patience and work, maybe both in the extreme. And if you don’t have the patience for it and aren’t committed to it, you possibly don’t have what it takes to succeed as a craftsman of expression anyway. Maybe this would be a waste of your time.

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