Friday, June 18, 2010

Don’t be naïve like the anxious taxpayer who was visited by a revenue agent. The agent completed her audit and presented a proposal for a lot more taxes. It seems the taxpayer had claimed costs of a vacation trip for his entire family to Hawaii, arguing that he needed to personally experience snorkeling in order to achieve realism in his television drama Nowhere to Be Found. The agent evangelized as she watched the taxpayer’s eyes and mouth widen as he reviewed her proposal for more taxes and penalties. “You know, Mr. Taxpayer, it’s a great privilege to live and work in the USA,” she said. “Citizens have an obligation to pay their fair share. And we really expect you to pay with a smile.”

“Thank God,” said the taxpayer with a guffaw. “I thought you’d want cash.”

This blog will try to give you answers, the statistics, the possibilities, the strategies. Not only that, but I hope it will entertain you too, relieve your worry, and banish your anxiety by teaching you the best strategies for managing your freelancing business as you express yourself—making the process literally less taxing. Sit back and relax when the IRS calls. Change the IRS acronym from Internal Revenue Service (or as many taxpayers call it, the Infernal Revenue Service) to: I’m Really Sorry, IRS . . . but I don’t owe those taxes.

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