Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Businessmen have been known to boast that they don't pay any taxes because they utilize an aggressive taxman that takes advantage of every loophole known to mankind. One joke had an individual saying that he didn't pay taxes anymore, that KPMG did his tax return, and he was getting a $4 billion tax refund. Well, we know what happened with KPMG, don't we?

If you want to utilize the graces granted you under the Internal Revenue Code, it's a good idea to prepare and to become an expert or to consultant someone who is. Too many taxpayers rely on complicated schemes that don't have real substance. They often pay large fees to promoters thinking that they can get tax relief when their own honest effort could have given them the breaks they sought and paid for.

The income tax regulations say in technical, cumbersome, and boring language:

Preparation for the activity [writing] by extensive study of its accepted business, economic, and scientific practices, or consultation with those with those who are expert therein, may indicate that the taxpayer has a profit motive where the taxpayer carries on the activity in accordance with such practices.

So if you want benefits, hit the books and consult the experts. Not only an expert but perhaps a range of experts, covering all of the aspects of your niche. Then implement what the sages say that it takes to succeed in your writing nook. If one of the experts advises you to try something that doesn't work, study some more and consult further and try another sage's idea

You've got to make things happen!

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