Friday, January 30, 2009


You might want to figure out how to make money from your writing activity. Try to have a profit. I know there are a lot of expenses. The cost of belonging to the League of Utah Writers or to some other writing association or group. The cost of classes you might take at the college or university or online. The fees you might pay to attend a writer's conference or workshop. The costs of traveling here and there. The research materials you purchase. Paper. Ink. It all adds up, and for you to have a profit you have to have revenue that exceeds the sum total of all your expenses. And to have revenue you have to have something to sell. What do you have to sell? Your good looks? If yours are like mine, forget it.

Every writer should make a written plan setting forth how they plan to make a profit from their writing. Do you have one? Get one. Follow it and revise it, as necessary. You have to revamp your plan and tell you make some money. If you keep on doing the same old thing you will usually get the same old results. If you keep writing the same old material and it gets rejected, do you keep on writing the same old material? Or do you change it? You change it, of course. You have to keep on revamping your plan until your make money or decide that you can't make money by writing, that it's not your thing.

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