Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preparation and expertise.

An old story has a businessman boasting to his competitor, “Tax day is coming next week. Yep, good old April 15th—that particular day used to scare the pants off me. But you know what? I don't pay the tax man anymore. KPMG did my return this year. I'm getting a refund of $4 billion.”

Preparation and expertise. Let’s get a little more know-how under our belts, and not the type that the businessman boasts about in the gag. Too many taxpayers rely on complicated schemes without real substance and pay large fees to promoters to get tax relief when their own honest effort could give them the breaks they seek. Relevant income tax regulations say in their technical, cumbersome, and boring way that:
Preparation for the activity [in our case, an expression activity,] by extensive study of its accepted business, economic, and scientific practices, or consultation with those who are expert therein, may indicate that the taxpayer has a profit motive where the taxpayer carries on the activity in accordance with such practices.
In other words, hit the books and ask the experts. Study a range of experts, covering all aspects of your niche in expression. Implement what the sages say it takes to succeed in your expressive nook. If an expert advised you to try something and it didn’t work, do more study and consulting and try another sage’s idea or one of your own. Make things happen.

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