Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Planning to Exploit the Graces

John (see Ellsworth v. Commissioner, 21 T.C.M. 145, 150-51 (1962)) was 65 years old and had a plan. The attendant facts showed it’d take him 15 years to generate a profit. Yet the Tax Court said that a trade or business existed in his case because his purpose in “carrying on the activity” was to profit.

America was founded to avoid high taxation, right? Today avoiding high income taxes takes planning to exploit all of the graces. So it should be no surprise that you need to plan relative to your own expression activity. Remember, experience isn’t necessarily a requirement for having a trade or business. But a good plan is. So to answer further the question, “Is my expression activity a trade or business?” let’s look at the process of planning next.

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