Wednesday, May 20, 2009

IRS Strategic Plan

Contrary to what may be intuitive, IRS has a strategic plan. It is a plan that ran from 2005 to 2009. You can read it online, at If you can't sleep, I recommend it. The nice thing about the plan is that it expires this year which means there will be a new one. Of course, the IRS can plan all it wants to do this or that, and just like anything else, if it doesn't have the funds to carry out the plan it is all for naught. The same is true of any government agency and it can have profound effects upon any number of things, witness the financial meltdown due to the government's failure to adequately fund agencies that oversee the financial markets.

Anyway, the strategic plan of the IRS will contain a message from the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, a statement of the agency's vision and mission. It will give some sense of the organization structure in charts and whatnot. It will then spin its perception of the factors that affect its achievement of its vision and link the strategic plan to the budget and its ability to perform. It will name key partners in achieving strategic goals of the agency.

Among goals listed there, you will find that IRS intended during that timeframe to improve its taxpayer service, it intended to enhance enforcement of the tax law, and it intended to modernize the IRS through its people, processes and technology. If you're interested in any of that gobbledygook you can read it there on the IRS website. Like I said, it is probably all good for sleep inducement. But you might be interested nonetheless and get something useful out of reading it. I doubt it, but maybe you'll want to give it a shot.

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